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Exterra Capital is an independent advisory firm in the renewable energy sector, based in London. We provide consulting services and arrange project financing to corporations, developers, owners and operators of power plants in the renewables energies industries and help investors to find investment targets in the renewable energies sector.

Energy „ex terra“  is our focus which is why our primary concern is the financing of Deep Geothermal power plant  projects in Germany. Exterra Capital`s team of experts monitors actual developments and
investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and supports the
financing of renewable energy projects in several sectors. 

Our Management team combines more than a century of experience  in several financing and renewables sectors. We provide hands-on solutions to developers and owners of Geothermal Power Plants, Windfarms, Solarparks, Biomass - or Hydropower Plants who wish to finance, re-finance, sell their assets or seek acquisitions.

In conjunction with our consulting services we also intensively cooperate with technology vendors, insurers, technical advisors and service companies  and entertain business relationships with the leading investors and finanical institutions being active in various renewable energy sectors. In addition to providing consulting services and arranging project
financing, Exterra Capital also invests into the development of Deep
Geothermal Power Plants in Central Europe.

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